Our Vision is the long-term conservation of the Philippines’ native and endemic wildlife and natural habitats for the benefit of future generations of all peoples who may inhabit and share the natural resources of the country.


Species Conservation Programmes

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Several species specific conservation programmes are in place. These programmes aim to encompass aspects such as distribution surveys, taxonomic studies, formulation and implementation of partnership agreements and recovery strategies, conservation-breeding and research programmes, infrastructure development and personnel training, as well as education and awareness campaigns.

Ongoing Programmes

Recently Initiated or Pending Programmes

  • Balabac Mouse Deer - Tragulus nigricans
  • Dinagat Tarsier - Tarsius syrichta carbonarius
  • Philippine Hawk Eagle - Spizaetus philippensis pinskeri
  • Philippine parrots - Tanygnathus spp., Prioniturus spp., Loriculus spp.
  • Negros Cave Frog - Platymantis spelaeus
  • Lake Taal Sea-snake - Hydrophis semperi
  • Philippine Pond Turtle - Heosemys leytensis

Affiliated and/or Proposed Programmes

  • Tamaraw Conservation Programme – Technical evaluation in 1992/3; other assistance includes field surveys, education and awareness campaigns, and networking/advocacy. In collaboration with MBCFI
  • Philippine Cockatoo Conservation Programme – Close collaboration since inception in 1992; currently includes joint surveys, monitoring and wardening scheme in the Polillo Islands. In collaboration with PIBCFI.
  • Philippine Crocodile Conservation Programme – Networking, technical and logistic assistance,  data collection and awareness campaigns.
  • Lake Taal Endemic Species Research and Conservation Programme – Accession of research and education/awareness campaign funds; now managed by SLBCFI.
  • Philippine Freshwater Turtles Research and Conservation Programme - Proposed new programme, pending resolution of longer-term funding and current local implementation agency problems.
  • Philippine Threatened Endemic Trees Research & Conservation Programme – Initiated 2003 with Cebu Cinnamon Tree Project, under aegis of FFI Global Trees Campaign; further development pending funding support.

Ongoing Programmes

Negros Bleeding-heartCalamian DeerPanay cloud rats (Crateromys heaneyi)Large FLying FoxCalao à casque plat/Rufous hornbillPhilippine eagle owl, (Bubo Philippensis) (endemic Ph.)Philippine Spotted Deer femaleVisayan Warty Pig