Our Vision is the long-term conservation of the Philippines’ native and endemic wildlife and natural habitats for the benefit of future generations of all peoples who may inhabit and share the natural resources of the country.


Conservation Education and Awareness

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The development and sustenance of any conservation initiative is only possible with the support of people. To this end, PBCFI is committed to a range of support programmes aimed at raising awareness, involving local communities and building institutional capacity.

Our broad-based approach in engaging the masses involves activities for Local Government Units (LGUs), academic institutions, Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), People’s Organizations (POs), private parties as well as the general public. We conduct presentations, lectures, symposiums, conferences and exhibitions to share our research outcomes, spread our conservation messages and enable stakeholders to make better decisions regarding the use of natural resources. Other activities include the production and distribution of education awareness materials such as the ‘Only in the Philippines…’ series of posters, reference manuals, teaching aids, public notices and signages, and species identification keys. Using avenues of mass media such as news publications, radio and television interviews, PBCFI has been able to further extend its reach.

PBCFI also organizes workshops and trainings as part of our efforts to build institutional capacity, ensuring the transfer of technical knowledge and skills. We provide personnel training on basic field research and scientific writing for biology students from local academic institutions. PBCFI is also involved in equipping community forest wardens with skills in wildlife identification and monitoring. These help to ensure the transfer of relevant information, technology and skills; provide exposure to new ideas and best practices; facilitate access

Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Education Programme (PBCEP)

One of our significant support programmes is the PBCEP (formerly FFI-PBCEP), which was formally initiated in July 2005, following receipt of the first three years funding support from Cincinnati Zoo and a appointment of full-time ‘Programme Coordinator’ tasked to assist development and coordination of education awareness activities and personnel training courses conducted by all local partner agencies and to spearhead production of new education and awareness materials. International training was kindly provided by both Cincinnati and Melbourne Zoos in 2005. With additional funding support Chester Zoo, a new ‘Negros Education Programme’ was initiated in October, with the appointment of another full-time and one part-time education officers, and a new ‘mobile education unit’ (Suzuki multi-cab, equipped with portable generator, PA system, LCD, etc.); all of which were based at SU-Centrop (Negros Oriental). Funding assistance has since also been secured for another full-time education officer to be assigned to the NFEFI-BCC, and to provide portable audio-visual equipment to Mari-it Conservation Park, CBCFI and PIBCFI to assist and develop education outreach activities in Panay, Cebu and the Polillo Islands (respectively).