Our Vision is the long-term conservation of the Philippines’ native and endemic wildlife and natural habitats for the benefit of future generations of all peoples who may inhabit and share the natural resources of the country.



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Bird Identification

PBCFI manages the Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Programme (PBCP), a broad-based programme necessary for protecting critical terrestrial habitats in the archipelago. Given the distinct biodiversity and different environmental threats in each of the priority faunal regions (i.e. West Visayas, Mindoro and Southern Luzon), our Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Programmes implement measures that best meet each of their needs. PBCP develops Species Conservation Programmes, using flagship species to motivate the sustainable protection of entire habitats. One of the components of these species Conservation Programmes is the Reintroduction Project (a Thematic Programme), which releases animals from the Conservation Breeding Centres on Negros and Panay. Finally there are several Special Projects being implemented by PBCFI at the moment.

The following are identified as basic, cross-regional thematic approaches, common to all or most habitat/species programmes, and which therefore characterize the PBCP:

  • Bat Identification WorkshopFormulate and develop programme activities in close collaboration with local partner agencies primarily responsible for implementing local projects and programmes.
  • Assist development of ‘Regional Biodiversity Conservation Foundations, and associated institutional capacity building.
  • Assist development and implementation of covering agreements (e.g. MOAs, FOAs, BLAs, etc.) and all relevant permit requirements.
  • Assist development of new protected areas.
  • Promote useful scientific research, dissemination of data and relevant (i.e. realistically achievable) recommendations; also includes development and coordination of the ‘NEZS – Filipino Biodiversity Research Studentship Scheme’.
  • Produce and distribute education awareness (IEC) materials.
  • Assist personnel training opportunities in all key areas

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