Our Vision is the long-term conservation of the Philippines’ native and endemic wildlife and natural habitats for the benefit of future generations of all peoples who may inhabit and share the natural resources of the country.


Conservation Breeding Centres

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The exhibits in our conservation breeding centres are “ambassadors of Mother Nature” offering members of the public the closest possible encounters with threatened animals of the Philippines. It is hoped that the experience will help people become more aware about the plight of wild animals and their habitats, and encourage them to do their bit for conservation.

Visayan Warty Pig pigletsIn addition to raising public awareness, these facilities are responsible for providing a safe haven for animals threatened with extinction, away from dangers such as habitat destruction and hunting. We do our best to increase animal numbers through captive breeding, ensure their genetic diversity by putting individuals on ‘breeding loans’ with partner institutions, and safeguard their welfare. Ultimately, we aim to reintroduce captive-bred animals into rehabilitated habitats where they have previously been extirpated.



PBCFI can therefore better conserve threatened wildlife with the partnership of the Biodiversity Conservation Centres at: