Our Vision is the long-term conservation of the Philippines’ native and endemic wildlife and natural habitats for the benefit of future generations of all peoples who may inhabit and share the natural resources of the country.


Cloud Rats Conservation Programme

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Cloud ratsThe cloud rats are a very special group of animals to the Philippines. They comprise two genera, Phloeomys and Crateromys, and six species found only in the Philippine archipelago. Most of these species are threatened to various degrees. The earliest of the Species Conservation Programmes, the Philippine Cloud Rats Conservation Programme started in 1990 with a wide-ranging field status survey of Philippine cloud rats. PBCFI adopted the cloud rat as its mascot to symbolize the uniqueness and vulnerability of Philippine wildlife.

Rediscovery of the Dinagat Cloud Rat

The Dinagat Cloud Rat (Crateromys australis) (IUCN ‘Critically Endangered’) was rediscovered in 2012 on Dinagat Island. Scientific studies have been extremely limited due to its low abundance, extremely restricted distribution and difficulty to capture. In response to this rediscovery and with focus also on various other threatened mammals and endangered fauna, PBCFI recently initiated ethno-biological and species surveys as part of the integrated and longer-term Dinagat Island Biodiversity Research and Conservation Project.

Panay Bushy-tailed Cloud Rat Breeding Programme

The Panay Bushy-tailed Cloud Rat (Crateromys heanyi) (IUCN ‘Endangered’) is endemic to the Greater Negros-Panay faunal region, and is severely threatened by habitat destruction. Mari-it Conservation Park maintains a breeding population with 45 individuals as of 2005. The breeding programme involves institutions bearing captive populations outside of the Philippines, such as the London Zoo.