Our Vision is the long-term conservation of the Philippines’ native and endemic wildlife and natural habitats for the benefit of future generations of all peoples who may inhabit and share the natural resources of the country.



Since its inception in 1990, this Programme has depended on the funding and other support of many different agencies and institutions, several of which have become key partners in the effort to conserve the country’s many threatened species and habitats. For our current sponsors and partners, please see the page on partnerships 

To these ends, financial or other assistance has been received from: Adelaide Zoo (Australia); Allwetter Zoo Munster (Germany); American Zoo and Aquarium Association (Conservation Endowment Fund, U.S.A.); Artists for Nature (Germany); Association of British Wild Animal Keepers (U.K.); Australian Avicultural Federation (Australia); Banham Zoo/Friends of Banham Zoo (U.K.); Chris Banks (Australia); Birds International Inc. (Philippines); Bristol, Clifton and West of England Zoological Society (Bristol Zoo, U.K.); British Airways Assisting Conservation (U.K.); British Embassy, Manila (Environmental Projects Fund; Philippines and U.K.); Bundesverband der Zootierpfeger e. V. (German Zoo Keepers Association, Germany); Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens (U.S.A); Columbus Zoo (U.S.A.); Dallas Zoological Society (U.S.A.); Darwin Initiative (U.K.); Decin Zoo (Czech Republic); Denver Zoological Foundation (U.S.A.); Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (DED or German Agency for Technical Cooperation, Germany); Michael Doll (Germany); Dresden Zoo (Germany); Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (formerly Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust, Channel Is., U.K.); Espace Zoologique (France); Fauna and Flora International (U.K.); German Herpetological Society (Germany); Gessellschat zum Schultz der Eulen e. V. (Society for Conservation and Research of Owls – German Chapter); IUCN-World Conservation Union (Switzerland); Landau Zoo (Germany); Loro Parque Fundacion (Canary Is., Spain); Los Angeles Zoo (U.S.A.); Lubee Foundation (U.S.A.); Memphis Zoological Society (U.S.A.); Metro Toronto Zoo (Canada); Milwaukee County Zoological Society (U.S.A.); Charles Mosser (U.S.A.); North of England Zoological Society (Chester Zoo, U.K.); Owl – Taxon Advisory Group (U.K.); Parc Zoologique de la Ville de Mulhouse (France); Philipinas Shell Foundation Inc. (Philippines); Pittsburg Herpetological Society (U.S.A.); Provincial Government of Occidental Mindoro (Philippines); Omega Parque (Portugal); Plzen Zoo (Czech Republic); Provincial Government of Negros Occidental (Philippines); Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden (U.S.A.); Rodent–Taxon Advisory Group/Dr. Martin Bourne (U.K.); Rotterdam Zoo (Netherlands); Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens (Australia); Sachsische Landesstiftung Natur und Umwelt (Saxony Foundation for Nature Conservation), Dr. Christine Schmitt (Germany); Drs. Roland & Julia Seitre (France); Shangri La Hotel-Manila (Philippines); Shell Philippines Exploration BV (Philippines); Societa Zoologica la Torbiera (Italy); Stichting Dierentuinen Helpen (Dutch Zoos Help Foundation, Netherlands); Stiftung Artenschutz (Survival Partners, Germany), Tierpark Chemnitz (Germany); US-AID Philippines (USA); Vereinigung fuer Artenschutz und Vogelzucht e. V. (German Avicultural Society; Germany); Verenigung van Liefhebbers van Exotische Zoogdieren (Dutch Society for Small Mammal Enthusiasts; Netherlands); Vogelfreunde Achern (Germany); Vogelpark Avifauna (Netherlands); Vogelpark Marlow (Germany); White Oak Conservation Center (Howard Gilman Foundation; U.S.A.), Roland Wirth (Germany); Jana & Uwe Wolf (Germany); World Owl Trust and Owl Taxon Advisory Group (U.K.); Zoologischer Garten Berlin (Germany); Zoologische Gesellschaft fuer Arten- und Populationsschutz e.V. (Zoological Society for the Conservation of Species and Populations or ZGAP, Germany); Zoological Society of London (UK); and the Zoological Society of San Diego (USA)

Several of the above institutions have entered into partnership agreements for the development of particular species’ or habitat protection programmes, and several have signed (or are in the process of formulating) Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs) with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to facilitate the development of these programmes. These include: Parc Zoologique et Botanique de la Ville de Mulhouse (Philippine spotted deer – Negros); Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens and White Oak Conservation Center (Philippine spotted deer – Panay); Zoological Society of San Diego (Calamian deer and Visayan warty pig – Panay); Rotterdam Zoo (Visayan warty pig – Negros); Zoologischer Garten Berlin and Zoological Society of London (cloud rats); Lubee Foundation and Silliman University (fruit bats); World Owl Trust and Owl TAG (owls); Bristol, Clifton and West of England Zoological Society (bleeding heart pigeons); and North of England Zoological Society and Vogelpark Avifauna (hornbills).

All of these projects and longer-term programmes have also been developed in close collaboration with relevant Philippine agencies and institutions, especially the: Center for Studies in Tropical Conservation, Silliman University (SU-CenTrop); Negros Forests and Ecological Foundation Inc. (NFEFI); Mari-it Conservation Park, College of Agriculture and Forestry, West Visayas State University (WVSU/CAF); Philippine Wetlands and Wildlife Conservation Foundation Inc. (PWCFI, to April 1998), and the Cebu Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Inc. (CBCF, from April 1998); Rabor Museum of Natural History and (former) Wildlife Biology Laboratory, University of Philippines at Los Banos (UPLB); Philipinas Shell Foundation Inc. (PSFI); Wildlife Conservation Society of the Philippines (WCSP); Calauit Development & Multi-Purpose Co-operative (CDMC, formerly Conservation Resources and Management Foundation Inc.); and the Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau (PAWB), Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (ERDB) and other local and regional offices of Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Government of the Philippines.

Many of these principal local partner institutions have also provided considerable in-kind and other counterpart assistance. Direct grant aid relevant to these projects has been provided to the CenTrop, NFEFI, WVSU/CAF, PWCF and CBCF by: Artists for Nature (Germany), AUS-AID (Australia), British Embassy (Manila and U.K.), British Petroleum Conservation Programme (U.K), Chicago Zoological Society (U.S.A), City of Cebu (Philippines); Commission on Higher Education (Philippines), Coral Cay Conservation Ltd. (U.K), Department of Environment and Natural Resources (Philippines), Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (German Agency for Technical Cooperation, Germany), Michael Doll (Germany), EarthLove Fund (U.K), Fauna & Flora International (U.K), Field Museum of Natural History (U.S.A), Foundation for the Philippine Environment (Philippines), Haribon Foundation (Philippines), International Centre for Conservation Education (U.K.), MacArthur Foundation (U.S.A), Melbourne Zoo (Australia), Charles Mosser (U.S.A), Philippine Business for Social Progress (Philippines), Pilipinas Bank (Philippines), Provincial Government of Negros Occidental (Philippines), Quantum Conservation (Germany), Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (Philippines); Rotterdam Zoo (Netherlands), Ruhr-Universitat Bochum (Germany), Drs. Roland and Julia Seitre (France), Dr. Chistine Schmitt (Germany), UNDP (Small Grants Fund, Philippines), US-AID (U.S.A), US National Science Foundation (U.S.A), Jana and Uwe Wolf (Germany), World Land Conservation Trust (U.K), World Wildlife Fund-US (U.S.A) and the Zoological Society for the Conservation of Species and Populations (Germany).

The evolution of this Programme and its constituent projects would not have been possible without the active support and efforts of a great many people, whose assistance is enormously appreciated. These include: Marian Aboitiz, Dr. Gregg Acuna, Christiane and Jorg Adler, Isidoro and Flora Aguilar, Don de Alban, Kathie Alban, Dr. Angel Alcala, Dr. Ely Alcala, Frances Alcala, Vicky Aldaba, Dr. Eleodoro Alicante, Desmond Allen, Javier Almunia, Simplicia Alonzo-Pasicolan, Philip Alviola, Clint Alvior, Julian Amador, Melinda Amihan, Chrosta Andreas, Sonia Antonio, Mike Appleton, Dr. Lourdes Aranador, Dr. Vic Atienza, Brian Aucone, Tiffy Aylett, John Azua, Eugene Babia, Sharon Baker, Danny Balete, Reydick Balucan, Chris Banks, Ashley Bansgrove, Richard Barklay, Helene Barnes, Robert Barnes, Rick Barongi, Hugh Baynes, Dr. Diana Bell, John and Margie Bellamy, Dr Cynthia Bennett, Daniel Bennett, Dr. Erlinda Bestre, Colin Bickerton, Hon. Alex Binghay, Liesje Birchenough, Duncan Bolton, Lochinvar Bontilao, Dre Boon, Madeleine Bottrill, Dr. Martin Bourne, Marc Boussekey, Shasta Bray, Dr. Tom Brooks, Koen Brouwer, Dr. Rafe Brown, Dr. Stephen Browne, Marcellus Buerkle, Ian Bullock, Dr. Angelita Cadelina, Jean Caleda, Ernie Calega, Helconida Calumpong, Emanuel Camandang, Winston Card, Apolonerio Carino, Rodella Carulla, Megan Cartin, Dr. Corazon Catibog-Sinha, Eli de Castro, Julius Celis, Charito Chiu, Nellie Chiu, Dr. David Chivers, Chris Clarke, Colin Clarke, Tim Clements, Katherine Clift, Dr. Bernabe Cocjin, Dr. Nigel Collar, Madeline Cordova, Juan Cornejo, Hon. Rafael Coscolluela, Pamela Coscolluela, Lilibeth Cordova la ‘O, Roger Cox, Dr. Mike Crosby, Prof. Eberhard Curio, Carlo Custodio, Dr. Jennifer Daltry, Andres and Liza Dans, Eli de Castro, Stephanie DeGesero, Dr. Edgardo Delima, Dr. Maripi Diaz, Arvin Diesmos, Antonio de Dios, Yves de Soye, Alexandra Dixon, Dr. James Dolan, Dr. Louella Dolar, Cynthia Dolino, Michael Doll, Dr. Neilsen Donato, Anton Dorresteyn, Guy Dutson, Arlene Ebalde, Mila Ebreo, Nick Ellerton, John Ellis, Dr. Roberto Escalado, Carmela Espanola, Leticia and Danio Esperito-Afuang, Luke Esteban, Dr. John Fa, Dolly Felicitas, Boying Fernandez, Tim Fisher, Linda Flores, Dr. Hans Fraedrich, Camilla Fritz, Katie Frohart, Artyel Gabinto, Mery Jean Gadiana, Chloe Galley, Dr. Udo Ganslosser, Efren Garcellano, Vicky Garchitorena, Hon. Alvin Garcia, Guadalupe Garcia, Eric Garrett, Errol Gatumbato, Joaquim Gaw, Dr. Cristina Georgii, Dr. Hans-Joachim Gericke, Dr. Mariano Gimenez-Dixon, Dr. Joe Gipps, Dr. Angela Glatston, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Pedro C. Gonzales, Nicholas Gould, Geoffrey Greed, Tesja de Groot, Dr. Colin Groves, Dr. Peter Grubb, Mike Dee, Wilbur de Gusman Dee, Rod Hall, Katie Hampson, Ruston Hartdegen, John and Sylvia Hartley, Dr. Lawrence Heaney, Dr. Jens-Ove Heckel, Paul Henderson, Bernhard Hensselmann, Melody Heilman, Charles Hibbert, Nigel Hicks, Dr. Vincent Hilomen, Fiona Hindley, Jeremy Holden, Jeff Holland, Martin Hollands, John de Hoon, George Horn, Jon Hornbuckle, Pavel Hospodarsky, Connie Huelsken, Nina Ingle, Alberto Inocencio, Godrey Jakosalem, Dennis Javellana, Arne Jensen, Dr. Oscar Jovallo, Dr. Jesus Juario, Dimetrio Kho, Larry Kilmar, Karen King-Sharp, Heiner Kloes, Kathie Klauer, Marife Lagda, Dr. Emilia Lastica, Lucia Lastimoza, Gerry Ledesma, Micaela Ledesma, Mimie Ledesma, Toti Ledesma, Antonio Legaspi, Josephina de Leon, Romel Leonida, Myrissa Lepiten-Tabao, Dr. Jean-Marc Lernould, Dr. Lawrence Liao, Nick Lindsay, Paul Lizares, Renee Lorica, Wilfredo Lubina, John Lucas, Willy Lucena, Dr. Hubert Luecker, Ipat Luna, Fran Lyon, D. Mike Mace, Dr. Alistair Macdonald, Dr. John MacKinnon, Sir Bruce MacPhail, Neil Maddison, Dr. Domingo Madulid, Perla Magsalay, Neil Aldrin Mallari, Dr. Emilina Mandiya, Meriden Maranan, Mercy Marcelo, Elga Maro, Dr. Ed Maruska, Heinrich Marx, Dr. Joseph Masangkay, Dr. Gordon McGregor-Reid, Stephen McKeown, Guntram Meier, Kurt Meier, Marlynn Mendoza, Dr. Brian Miller, Dr. Hector Miranda, Emma Mitchell, Dr. Pierre Moisson, Maimai Montelibano, Sally Montero, Dr. Jacqui Morris, Charles Mosser, Dr. Claus Muller, Evelyn Nacario, Salve Narvardez, Dr. Nelson Natural, Mark Norrie, Sylvia O’Dell, Ed O’Keefe, Merlinda Olar, Sarah Oldfield, Dr. Perry Ong, Pauline Orig, Orlyn Orlanes, Alex Page, Theo Pagel, Lisa Marie Paguntalan, Marisol Pedregosa, Sammy Penafiel, Stephanie Pendry, Carmi Penny, Richard Perron, Dirk Petzold, Scott Pfaff, Mark Pilgrim, Donato Poblador, Wilfrido Pollisco, Batsheeba Portillo, Craig Racicot, Peter Raines, Oldrich Rajchl, Hon. Josephine Ramirez-Sato, Dr. Ettore Randi, Dr. Bibiano Ranes, Radoslaw Ratajszczak, Dr. Glenn Rebong, Wilma Redler, Ronaldo Regole, Dr. Michael Reilly, Doug Richardson, Momon Rico, Pete Riger, Rogelio Rigor, Herb Roberts, Francesco Rocca, Facundo Roco, Estrela Rodriguez, Dr. Celso Roque, Dr. Karen Rose, Mark Rose, Becky Rose, Neil Rumbaoa, Boysie Sabino, Rene Sanapo, Dr. Christine Schmitt, May Segura-Ybanez, Drs. Roland and Julia Seitre, John Seyjagat, Steve Shurter, Nigel Simpson, Roger Sison, Dr. Mundita Sison-Lim, Russ Smith, Lucresio Son, John Fraser Stewart, Dr. Simon Stuart, Martin and Helen Stummer, Blas and Alice Tabaranza, Lory Tan, Gail Thacker, Jenny Thurston, Felina Tiempo, Lucille Titular-Braza, Simon Tonge, Jean-Pierre Turpin, Jean Utzurrum, Dr. Ruth Utzurrum, Edgardo Uychiat, Marloes van Delft, Martin van der Valk, Robert van Herk, Merlijn Van Weerd, Sir John and Lady Nina Venables-Llewelyn, Rinus Verkade, Ruditha Villahermosa, Carmalita Villamor, Susan Walker, Tony Warburton, Tom Watson, Dr. David Waugh, Chris West, Peter and Indira Widmann, Dr. Roger Wilkinson, Dr. Herman Will, Don Winstel, Roland Wirth, Jana and Uwe Wolf, Bernhard Worner, Hon. Joy Young, Vicente and Malou Yngente and Eric Zeehandelaar.